The Higgins Classic Boats Association welcomes you to our website providing information about Higgins pleasure craft from the 1940's to the 1960's. We are a private not for profit group dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of Higgins Classic Wood Boats throughout the world.

Founded in 1998 by David Thomas and Bill Foy as a simple newsletter group, we have grown in size and experience over the past 20 years providing Higgins Pleasure Craft owners a venue of a community family while carrying on the American legacy of Higgins Industries and the stories behind the boats. Every two years our group has an biennial meeting. In the past years we have come together a number of times displaying our beautiful Higgins pleasure craft.  Last year we met in Seabrook, TX. 

Higgins Industries, known for producing and designing the largest number of PT boats and Landing Craft during WWII, employing over 30,000 people with seven plants in New Orleans, was one of the largest contributors for this countries overall success during WWII and other military conflicts. While producing military items, Higgins Industries also produced beautiful pleasure craft, furniture, camping trailers, helicopters, airplanes, and many other items that we use today. Through the members of our organization, the spirit of Andrew Jackson Higgins and Higgins Industries continues to live on, sharing this great American legacy by restoring and displaying our Higgins boats at shows across the country.

Higgins Classic Boats Association� is a Marque Club of the Antique and Classic Boat Association.

 Paul and Marge Morris of Des Moines, Iowa.
Marge is retiring as President of the Club and Paul will continue to be "Master contributor of knowledge" of Higgins Boats.  They previously owned a 1960 18' Higgins Mandalay - Miss Higgy...recently purchased by Ed Higgins!

"It seems every now and then another Higgins pleasure boat is saved, rescued or discovered.  First of all.... THANK YOU!  There are not very many of these rare and fine craft left out there.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Even if you do not want to join our club, please go to the CLUB APPLICATION page and print it off and send it to us.  We are in the process of collecting as much information as we can.  Once assembled, we will share it with everyone.  Thank You Again." 

Send information to Jeff Davey at

Published by Jeff Oppenheimer - VP/Amatuer Webmaster -  Higgins Classic Boats Association.  All Content the sole property of Higgins Classic Boats unless otherwise noted. If you have feedback, please send to Jeff Davey listed in the Contact Page.  Ideas and feature articles are very much welcome.

Jeff and Renee Davey, owners of the "Jeffery Dave" will take over the President/Treasurer offices of Higgins Classic Boats. 

Jeff Oppenheimer will continue as VP and website content.

Thank You Marge for all your hard work and dedication!!
Paul will continue to advise and contribute his knowledge regarding historical and restoration questions and products.
Contact Paul @
Welcome our new President and First Mate!!!

The HCBA would like to announce that Jeff and Renee Davey are taking over for Marge and Paul Morris. Marge and Paul have taken care of the club since Dave Thomas turned it over to Marge as the President 14 plus years ago. Paul is the master of Higgins knowledge and will have his own question and answer site on the web page.

The new President Jeff Davey has 50 years of marine experience and holds a Master Marine Technician certificate. He has been in boats his entire life and has restored 2 Higgins completely and is working on a 3rd! Renee is a Master Seamstress and owner of a custom cover and upholstery shop. She will be helping with some of the day to day issues and internet work. Jeff will be involved in a question and answer forum on the web site and phone interaction as well. We are currently working on an improved web page with more featured boats, a service number page so you can determine the year of your boat and pages for most models that were made so you can match up your boat yourself.

We are here to help preserve the great Higgins legacy. We want to plan a Higgins get together in the near future!

Thank you again to Marge and Paul for all your years of support, well done!

Jeff Davey
HCBA President

2020 Membership dues are now due .  2020 Yearly Membership is $40 and now includes your very own Higgins Calendar each year!!  We will continue to offer consultation and advise whether you are a Member or not but "FOR SALE" services will only be available for Members.  IMPORTANT!! ... Please send via email 3 pictures of your boat and a suggested caption so we can prepare for the calendar.  Also include her name, model, make and engine specifications.  We need this information by November 1st.

For new and current Members, please go to the Club Application page and print it out, then fill in the appropriate information so we can keep our files up to date.  Then mail your check to Jeff and Renee at the address listed.

                            Member Spotlight

               Anthony S. Mollica Jr.

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